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Natural Beauty Pageant

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2015 Upcoming Pageants



*January 24, 2015 Circus Craze pageant in Columbia, SC


*February 21, 2015  Love Bug Pageant in Spartanburg, SC


*March 28, 2015 Shakin Shamrock Pageant in Columbia, SC

*May 16, 2015 The Great Outdoors State Pageant 2015  Spartanburg, SC


*June 20, 2015 Sweet Land of Liberty Pageant in Columbia, SC

*August 29, 2015 Totally Tye Die Pageant in Spartanburg, SC

*Sept 19, 2015 NC Mountain State Fair Pageant

(at the FAIR) Fletcher, NC


*Oct 10, 2015 Hocus Pocus Pageant    Spartanburg, SC


*Dec 12, 2015 Wacky Tacky Christmas Pageant Spartanburg, SC



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Natural Beauty Pageant FYI

In a world where there are hundreds of beauty pageant systems to choose from, with each one a little different from the next, it can be a little confusing. But in the children's' beauty pageant world there are two distinct differences;

 Glitz Pageants which allows the big hair styles, fancy pageant dresses and a substantial amount of make-up and

Natural Pageants do not require the big hair styles, normally prefer Sunday Best or Off The Rack Dresses, and very little or no make-up.

If your child is a pageant "newbie", meaning she has only done a few pageants or maybe have not experienced one yet, my suggestion is to start out in natural pageants. There are many reasons for choosing to go natural. The number one reason is that the overall expense is cheaper. Natural pageants are least expensive to compete in because you don't have to spend money on a hair stylist, make-up artist, a pricey pageant dress & sportswear outfits, like you typically would for the big glitz pageants. Most natural pageants want the natural look, simple hairstyles and clothing. Some are very adamant about no make-up where as others allow light make-up mainly so that the child does not look washed out on film. A very important rule among almost every natural pageant is that they look AGE APPROPRIATE! Pageant directors and judges want to see kids look like kids. This is quite simple to understand, if your child is two years old she should look two and not twenty.

Most the time you get what you pay for when it comes to entry fees. If you pay for a low entry fee, don't expect a lot of prizes and a big production.

When choosing pageants to compete in don't be afraid to ask the directors questions and do you research on the pageant system. Each pageant scores differently and may have different competitions and criteria. Some pageants base scores on talent, beauty, interview, etc. Natural pageants aren't just for newbie's. There are a lot of contestants (and moms) that prefer to compete in natural systems as opposed to glitz.

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